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Do you have any information which sheds light on the unlawful practices we are investigating?  We would be very interested to hear from you. 

You will note that we have not included name and address fields below.  You should be aware that there may be circumstances in which we will be obliged to disclose what you send to us.  If, therefore, you wish to remain anonymous, please do not tell us who you are.

Before providing us with information that is confidential, please note that we do not wish to receive information which it would be a breach of contract or of confidentiality on your part to communicate to us.  Please note further that, in order for the disclosure you make to be protected by law under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998, you must be satisfied that you are passing to us, in good faith, information that you reasonably believe to be substantially true about:

- a criminal offence; 

- a failure to comply with a legal obligation; 

- a miscarriage of justice; or 

- information that tends to show concealment of any of the above.

You must not provide this information for purposes of personal gain and (where relevant) you must have either previously provided the information to your employer or reasonably believe either:


- you will be subjected to a detriment by your employer if you speak directly to them about the issue; or 

- evidence relating to the relevant failure will be concealed or destroyed if you make the disclosure to your employer. 

Please tell us your story and/or upload any relevant documents in the fields below.

Alternatively, email us at or telephone us on 020 3995 3900. 

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